Friday, April 17, 2009

Construction Site Murder

A workman was killed at a construction site. The police began questioning a number of the other workers. Based on past brushes with the law, many of these workers were considered prime suspects. They were a motley crew:

The electrician was suspected of wiretapping once but was never charged.

The carpenter thought he was a stud. He tried to frame another man one time.

The glazier went to great panes to conceal his past. He still claims that he didn't do anything; that he was framed.

The painter had a brush with the law several years ago.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor was known to pack heat. He was arrested once but duct the charges.

The mason was suspect because he gets stoned regularly.

The cabinet maker is an accomplished counter fitter. The autopsy led the police to arrest the carpenter, who subsequently confessed. The evidence against him was irrefutable, because it was found that the workman, when he died, was hammered.

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Drew said...

Some non-native speakers of English may not understand how funny this post can be...but that's what's great about this post. It challenges one to study English harder in order to appreciate stories/jokes like these. I've had students before who could not understand the jokes I tell them which were very funny to me, so I end up feeling awkward and at the same time feeling pity for them, for truly, I think they're missing so much laughter by not being that familiar with the language. Thanks for this piece of inspiration!