Monday, September 15, 2008

Pun with Coffee

* Stealing someone's coffee is called 'mugging'.

* Coffee has bean the grounds of many a heated and strong discussion.

* Does a coffee shop have the grounds to operate in the black?

* Selling coffee has its perks for those who have bean so lucky.

* I just had some coffee that was good only for its sedimental value.

* What do people buy coffee with? Starbucks.

* The author wasn't pleased to see a review of his book on cappuccino's. It said it was all froth and no substance.

* The concession stand at the circus had very good coffee. It was the greatest joe on earth.

* When they spilled coffee on his neck, he got hot under the collar.

* If you spend too much time in the coffee shop you'll be latte for work.

* My wife is trying to lose weight but continues to frequent the coffee shops for rich beverages and delicacies. You could say she is making a moccary of her diet.


Coffee Fan said...

Thanks for posting these puns; they were fun to read while drinking my morning cup of coffee!

Valtay said...

Yes, I like them too! Clever word play!

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