Saturday, July 26, 2008

Punny Entertainers

1. The magician got so mad he pulled his hare out.

2. When an actress saw her first strands of gray hair she thought she'd dye.

3. It's not that the man did not know how to juggle, he just didn't have the balls to do it.

4. I used to be a tap dancer until I fell in the sink.

5. For a while, Houdini used a lot of trap doors in his act, but he was just going through a stage.

6. Seven days without a pun makes one weak.

7. Did you hear about the fire at the circus? The heat was in tents.

8. Somebody was running a flea circus, but a dog came and stole the show.

9. I saw a beaver movie last night, it was the best dam movie I've ever seen.

10. A circus lion won't eat clowns because they taste funny.

11. If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

12. Soldiers in plays like to Shakespeares.

13. A pun is its own reword.

14. When James Bond slept through the earthquake, he was shaken but not stirred.

15. The unveiling of the statue was a monumental occasion.

16. A former doctor, while auditioning for a play, broke his leg. But luckily, he could still make the cast.

17. Thirsty jokers can be seen waiting in the punch line.

18. I keep reading 'The Lord of the Rings' over and over. I guess it's just force of hobbit.

19. When a vampire decided to become a poet, everyone said he went from bat to verse.

20. When the human cannonball retired they couldn't find a replacement of the right caliber.

21. I like to stay current with the electrifying adventures of Sherlock ohms.

22. A tight-rope walker enjoys being on-line.

23. To kill a circus in one blow, go for the juggler.

24. Two ladies were discussing the planetarium show they had just seen. One said the show was fantastic. The other agreed but added 'Most of it was over my head.'

25. I hear the Sylvester Stallone Film Festival got off to a rocky start.


Toni said...

Funny stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Virgo said...

I have fun reading this post. Hey, I have a tag for you at:
Have fun!!

Big Mitch said...

The one about the doctor in a cast was used in the early 1960's when Danny Kaye broke his leg while performing on Broadway. I think the play was called Noah's Ark. Such a star was a big draw, and so, the company advertised that he was "back in the cast," with a picture showing him performing with a cast on his leg.

As to the unveling of a statue being a monumental occassion, when I was in the Army, the sergeant wanted to direct us to where they were putting up a statue. He referred to it as the "site of the monumental erection," with no awareness of why we fell out laughing.

It's all true. And so is this:

I love your blog.