Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can you solve these Riddles

Hi everyone,

The first person to solve the following three riddles by commenting and giving me the correct answers will get 100 EC credits.

So have fun and flex your Grey cells NOW!

Riddle 1

Fill in the blanks using the same three letters at the end as at the beginning in the same order to find a place where water flows free: _ _ _ ERGRO _ _ _

Riddle 2

Feed me and I Live
Give me Drink and I Die

What Am I?

Riddle 3

What english word means burning wood when you take away the first letter of the word?


slightlydrunk said...

1)und 2)fire 3)member

Lian said...

Here are my answers:
2. Fire
3. (M)ember

pamela said...

Well I think I got these... 1 underground 2 a fire 3 member/ ember

Bubbles said...

Boy, I guess the 3 riddles were a piece of cake for all you pros out there. Got the correct answers within a few hours.
Congrats to Slightlydrunk for getting it right and Fast. (Will get back to you about your prize soon).
Thank you Lian and Pamela for joining in.
Hope to have more of this type of contest. I will propably make it a weekly contest. But no more good gal. Next time its gonna be really tough:)

slightlydrunk said...

Great Contest ! Cheers !!