Friday, April 4, 2008

Un-real Meanings

The prefix un- can mean either a reversal of action, like unpack, or the lack of some quality, like unknown. A prime example of this is with unlearn, which means to reverse learning, and unlearned, which means the lack of learning. Sometimes in a sentence the meaning of un-made words is unclear and unsettling.

The manikins dressed in police uniforms were unarmed.

Some people think you have to be unbalanced to be a tightrope walker.

When it came to physical fitness, couch potatoes are unbecoming.

The weather forecast for today was partly unclear with a chance of rain.

Hattie Nown was uncommitted because she promised to act sane.

The call for an encore was the undoing of the finale.

What gets me about raising children is the uneasiness of it.

Scott Chtape rinsed the dirt worms so that they would be unearthly.

Some people get a tan unfairly.

Before looking at the map, the next step in the vacation was unfolding.

Nate Ivson wandered in the forest unfounded.

When it came to true-false exams Reggie Stration proceeded unquestionably.

Physical exercise can lead to unrest.

By talking backwards many things are unsaid.

Things that are not as they seem are unseemly.

At the library you get unsound advice.

Because he couldn’t carry a tune, Don Keye was an unsung hero.

Honest Abe was famous for his untold lies.

It was no surprise that nobody laughed at the toastmaster’s unwitting remarks.

By using an eraser, most rules can be unwritten.

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