Monday, February 4, 2008


Some words contain oxymora within themselves—like “she” which has a “he” embedded in it. Because the oxymoron is self-contained, these words are called oxyidiots.

Enjoy these funny examples:

* If you have none, look closely and you’ll find one.

* It would be odd if seven were even.

* Her tears told him her fears were fact, not act.

* You would think there was no harm in charm, but there is.

* One minute the goose was flying high, the next it was lying low.

* The word is mightier than the sword, except in battle.

* Whatever it is, ours is better than yours.

* The bigger the onus, the better the bonus.

* A dessert is heaven, a desert is hell, unless you’re a cactus.

* Begin with a particle, then add to it until you have an article.

* In a word, there is more to women than men.

* You get more with the whole than with the hole.

Dropping the first letter or two of a word is not the only way of forming oxyidiots. Internal letters can be discarded, as long as the remaining letters are in sequence.

* Stay and be happy; stray and be happier.

* There’s more to animosity than amity.

* The gullible gather round the glib.

* Being curt is easier than courteous, but lonelier.


Margaret said...

Great post! I love doing this with words!


hAiLiE said...

I loved reading this post. +thumbs up+