Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Age

Take note of the Age in the words to find out more about human history!

message — infancy

spillage — babyhood

breakage — early childhood

blockage — middle childhood

wreckage — late childhood

roughage — early teen years

bandage — middle teen years

average — late teen years

manage — for males, 18 years old

bondage — married life

pillage — senior years

shrinkage — late senior years

postage — afterlife

So what AGE are you?

If there was a message stating that the spillage has resulted in a shrinkage of your lovely dress, how old are you?

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Jasmine Shanea said...

Hi fellow Singaporean! Got to know about your blog through entrecard and I find that your blog is really interesting. Hope to read more great posts from you. :)