Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pun-ishing Adjectives

“I’d like to make a toast,” Tom said warmly. This is an adverb pun and is called a Tom Swiftly as a ridicule of the writing style found in the old Tom Swift adventure books. A variation of the Tom Swiftly is the pun-ishing adjectives. Here’s a sampling.

1. When Willy Nilly joined the track team, he was considered a dashing young man.

2. When Minnie Mumm stuffed a baloney sandwich in her mouth, she looked gorgeous.

3. As inmates miles apart, Eb and Flo could only enjoy a phoney relationship.

4. At nudist camps, people are barely comfortable.

5. Strange women often slapped Doc Trin because of his lustrous looks.

6. Rusty Steele found the jail bars a bit too ironic.

7. The Bumsteads had a petty argument over Daisy the dog.

8. Igor Beever found chasing patients around the sanitarium a rewarding job.

9. There was a man from Limerick who disliked diversified poetry.

10. During elections, candidates rely on pollution results.

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