Sunday, January 6, 2008

Funny Names Unless One of Them is Yours

Have you thought about how parents choose a child's name. Gene or Ginger are great name unless of course Gene's surname happens to be Poole or Ginger's Snap.

So, if you are a parent, please don't be cruel to your kids. Say out the entire name loudly, that is, first and surname in front of a crowd of people, and if no one sniggers or laughs out than you know you got a Great Name.

Here's a list of funny name.

Alba Tross

Alec Tricity

Ali Mooney

Ann Teak

Anne Chovie

Annie Mayshun

April Raines

Art Deco

Artie Fishel

Barry A. Bone

Bart Ender

Bea Fuddle

Candice B. Love

Candy Barre

Chris Cross

Clair Voyant

Crystal Ball

Daisy Chain

Dale E. Bredd

Dan Druff

Deb O'Nair

Di Rhea

Diane B. Berried

Dick Tate

Dot Matrix

Ella Fant

Elle O'Kwent

Ellie Mentary

Emma Nent

Faith Full

Fanci Free

Fay King

Faye Tallity

Hedy Stuff

Herb E. Vore

Holly Wood

Honey Suckel

Hope Leslie

Horace Cope

Ivan Itch

Ivy Leag

Izzy Kidding

Jay Walker

Jo Kerr

Joe King

Justin Case

Kathy Drull

Katy Didd

Kaye Neine

Kit Chen

Kitty Katt

Lauren Order

Lee King

Leo Tard

Lotta Cash

Lou Tennant

Mandy Tory

Manuel Labor

Marion Formony

Mark Etting

Max E. Mize

May O'Naize

Nat Chural

Neal Downe

Nick Oteen

Nicole Odian

Norma Lee

Ollie Baba

Omar Gosh

Peri Skope

Perry Winkle

Polly Esther

Rich N. Faimus

Rick Shaw

Rosie Cheeks

Roy L. Paine

Rudy Mentary

Ruth Leslie

Sara Mony

Saul E. Tare

Scott Frei

Stu Piddity

Sue Shi

Tad Pole

Tess Tickle

Tex Tyle

Theo Retical

Tim Burr

Tom Foolery

Ty Tannic

Val Ubull

Van Illa

Vanna Tea

Vic Tory

Vince Ibble

Wes Tindies

Will Power

Willie Everlearn

Willy Nilly


webduck said...

You gave me some good chuckles today, thanks! I didn't see it, but maybe one to add to this list is Polly Ester? :)

Veej said...

Haha, classic!
Never get bored of these...