Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How to a rob bank - a surefire way to get caught

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1. While robbing the bank, call Taxi services and state your home address so that they will know where to drop you!

2. So as not to deal with the cumbersome cash involved, give the bank clerk your account number and ask for the funds to be transferred to your account!

3. Bring a gun to rob the bank. Then your friend calls you to inform you that the gun you had bought along is a dummy. You then scream into the phone "You idiot, didn't I tell you I'm gonna rob the bank today, why did you give me the dummy gun".

4. Wear a false nose and mustache mask to disguise your face, then sneeze away so that the mask falls off.

5. Rob the bank together with your partner. Then quarrel over who gets to hold the bigger bag until the bank staff is able to press the alarm button!

6. While your partner is getting the money from the bank staff, you flirt with a really pretty customer and give her your phone number ( Just in front of the bank's camera!)

7. You hand over a note written in a special stationery paper (Paid by your Credit Card no less) stating "This is a Bank Robbery, Give me all the money" No you're not too dumb! It's not handwritten by you. You ask your 4 year old child to do it. - No way they can figure out whose handwriting it is right?

Well if you have any more Bright ideas, do share them with me!!!

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