Sunday, December 2, 2007

How to double your money - an humorous outlook

This article is part of How2Blogger’s Super Sexy Holiday ‘How To’ Contest which you can see at How2Blogger’s ‘How To’ site.

1. Get a Thousand Dollar note ( If one is unable, you can use a Hundred dollar bill instead) then fold it over itself.

2. Find Midas and ask him to touch the coins in your piggy bank ( Please wear gloves when you hadle Midas Touch)

3. Open an Excel document. Type "Money" into the first cell. Copy and Paste into other cells.

4. When you have completed the whole Excell page with "Money", Print out as many copies as you wish.

5. Get some cheap bottles and fill it with tap water. Sell them as the water from "The Foutain of Youth".

6. Use a colour copier to copy the Thousand dollar note and print as many copies as you wish (AT YOUR OWN RISK)

p.s. please inform me before you attempt so that I can
withdraw all my funds first. THANKS

8. Start your own e-mail scam. Be as inventive as possible as we've
seen too many to fall for it

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