Thursday, December 27, 2007

Do I fit the Job description?

Can you match the jobs?

I will give you a hint. A sidewalk engineer is a Pathologist

Select the correct answer from the table below:

1. a car body shop worker

2. the manager of a political candidate

3. a trampoline artist

4. an expert on hemorrhoids

5. a cemetery worker

6. a cab driver who gets under your skin

7. one who shrinks from his responsibilities

8. a parking lot attendant

9. seller of fruits and vegetables

10. one who can’t be a secretary

11. someone who makes pointed remarks

12. a college graduate

13. someone who won’t share

14. the head of a crime syndicate

15. one who does not spread gossip
P.S For those of you who couldn't figure out MINER,

oops I made a mistake of typing a casino black jack dealer instead

of someone who won’t share.

The answer for a casino black jack dealer is A CARDIOLOGIST

1 comment:

silvertooth26 said...

These are tough questions.. I give up! :)