Friday, November 30, 2007

Job Jokes

A good teacher has class.

The professional farmer excels in his/her field.

An incompetent chef can dessert his patrons.

A good cook knows how to dish it out.

An army cook can make a mess.

Accountants appreciate a good figure.

Smart electricians are up on current affairs

A cement worker has concrete ideas.

Sleeping plumbers have pipe dreams.

Inventors are patently smart.

Your dentist knows the drill.

A good rancher has a herd mentality.

Gamblers are a dicey lot.

A photographer’s skill is developing.

A good artist can draw a crowd.

A roofer on the job is above it all.

Usually violinists just string along.

Lazy bakers loaf on the job.

Undertakers face stiff competition.

A nude model barely makes a living.

State troopers know just the ticket.

A ballerina can leap to conclusions.

Most psychiatrists should be committed.

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