Saturday, November 24, 2007

Occupational Names - Fun with English

Have you ever come across a name and thought to yourself that this person should be working in this job, for example Shouldn't Robin Hood be a salesman in Clothes Retail. Well here are some great and funny ones. HAHAHA.....

Optometrist -- Seymore Clearly
Insurance Salesman -- Justin Case
Insurance Adjuster -- Carlos N. Toto
Ballerina (dressing) -- Donna Tutu
Inept lion tamer -- Claude Severely
Petty thief -- Robin Steele.
Microsurgeon -- Lance Boyle.
Proctologist -- Seymore Butts.
Phys Ed teacher -- Jim Schorts.
Guy who uses mild epithets -- Evan Stubetzy.
Darth Vader's sister -- Ella.
Rancher's wife -- Barb Dwyer.
The writer of a very thick novel -- Warren Peace.

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