Friday, November 9, 2007

Double Trouble - A Rhyming Game

The other day, I challenged my daughter Sabrina (Who is eleven years old) to a rhyming game. Who can think of the most double words that rhyme yet make sense. The other rules - 1) The beginning sound of both words cannot be the same eg. Hair hare(X), Share hare.
2) The ending of the words not only sound alike but must be spelled alike too eg. plane brain (X), plain brain. 3) The two words joined together must make sense.

Well, here is the list. How many more can you think of?

1) Double Trouble
2) Bubble Trouble
3) Bare Mare
4) Bare Hare
5) Yellow Pillow
6) Pink Link
7) Weak Leak
8) Take Rake
9) Pack Snack
10) Brown Gown
11) Fun Run
12) Snare Hare
13) Pure Cure
14) Hub Club
15) Skip Trip
16) Fire Hire
17) Thin Bin
18) Few Dew
19) Flower Power
20) Hover Over
21) Thick Stick
22) Small Ball
23) Mall Hall
24) Toy Boy
25) Tall Wall
26) Rare Stare
27) Steal Meal
28) More Store
29) Main Pain
30) Hate Fate
31) Heat Meat
32) Bring Thing

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