Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Collective Nouns - an Humorous Outlook

We've heard of a pride of lions or even a conspiracy of ravens. Well check out the following and have some laughs :)

1. a hassle of errands,
2. a magnum of hit-men,
3. a shortage of dwarfs,
4. a quarrel of lawyers,
5. a minuscule of sub-atomic particles.
6. a treachery of spies.
7. a mixture of pharmacists.
8. a clutch of mechanics.
9. a sulk of teenagers.
10. a 404 of lost web pages.
11. an enterprise of trekkies.
12. A pinch of shoplifters.
13. a plunder of goons.
14. an encroachment of fence-builders.
15. a thrombosis of heart specialists.
16. an incantation of witches/wizards/warlocks.
17. A flight of runaway brides.
18. an assassination of gangsters.
19. a brace of orthodontists.
20. A contingent of understudies.

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