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Antagonyms - this is similar to oxymoron. Rather than two contradicting words the author uses one word that has two contradicting meaning. For eg. Bound: Moving ("I was bound for Chicago") vs. Unable to move ("I was bound to a post", or less literally, "I was bound to my desk"). Here are some other Antagonyms - can you think of any others?

1. Assume: To actually have (To assume office) vs. To hope to have ("He assumed he would be elected.")

2. Buckle: to hold together (e.g. buckle your belt) vs. to fall apart (e.g., buckle under pressure)

3. Cite, Citation: For doing good (such as military gallantry) vs. for doing bad (such as from a traffic policeman)

4. Cut: get in (as in line or queue) vs. get out (as in a school class)

5. Fast: Moving rapidly vs. Unable to move ("I was held fast to my bed.")

6. Hysterical: Being overwhelmed with fear [in some cases] vs. Being funny

7. Left: To remain vs. to have gone (Of all who came, only Fred's left. [Does it mean he's the only one who still remains or that he's the first to depart?)

8. Practiced: Experienced, expert (I am practiced in my work) vs. Inexperienced effort (The child practiced coloring.)

9. Reservation: what you make when you know where you want to go vs. what you have when you're not sure if you want to go

10. Sanction: Support for an action (They sanctioned our efforts.) vs. A penalty for an action (The Congressman was sanctioned for inappropriate behavior.)

11. Strike out: An ending, as in "The batter struck out." vs. A beginning, as in "I thought it was time to strike out on my own."

12. Trim: To add things to (trim a Christmas tree) vs. or take pieces off (trim hair)

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