Monday, September 10, 2007

Tom Swifties

Many years ago, boys and girl read about the adventure of Tom Swift, a young hero in stories by Edward Stratemeyer. In these stories, Tom never just said somethings; he said it happily, quickly or excitedly. Today, people write puns called Tow Swifties.
Here are some really funny ones....

"I know the proper term for a group of lions," Tom said pridefully.

"OK, we can take the fast plane," said Tom concordantly.

"I do not stink!" Tom fumed.

"The wind is strong to day," Tom said in disgust.

"I am not cut out for herding sheep," Tom said cowherdly.

"I'm not dead yet," said Tom stiffly.

"Nay, nay," Tom said horsely

"I'm sorry. I don't know the name of the Greek god of the sun," Tom apologized.

"There is no electricity," said Tom darkly.

"I can't talk," said Tom dumbly.

"Use the cannon!" Tom boomed.

"Hi everyone, my name is Frank Lee," Tom lied rather frankly.

"I am so thirsty, I could drink that lake," Tom said dryly.

"The pencil line needs to be drawn again," Tom remarked.

"It's much better now we don't have to pay to cross the bridge," Tom extolled.

"This would make a great hobby," Tom said craftily.

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