Friday, September 14, 2007

pun with food

1. The dependent rolling pin said to the dough, "I knead you."

2. "These meatballs taste like seafood!" Yes, there is something very fishy about this whole situation.

3.Eating should never make you sad, unless it is a mourning meal.

4.There's nothing grate about sliced cheese.

5.I think my vegetables are mad at me for the way I cooked them over boiling water. They're really steamed.

6.The baker's father was deeply disappointed that his son spent his days loafing around.

7. I can't seem to find the beef aisle. Can you steer me in the right direction?

8.The fish were grilled but they still would not talk.

9.At first, I dropped some crumbs, then the ants came; after that, everything got carried away.

10.Funny thing, I emptied a can of soup at the exact time that my brother in Michigan emptied a can of soup. How uncanny is that?

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