Wednesday, September 19, 2007


An Oxymoron is a figure of speech that puts together two contradictory terms. Even the word "oxymoron" is itself one, because it comes from combining the Greek words for "sharp" (oxy) and "dull" (moros). Check out the list below to find some rediculous word pairings often found in common speech.

1. Act naturally
2. Modern history
3. Bittersweet
4. Normal deviation
5. Numb feeling
6. Clearly confused
7. Only choice
8. Definite maybe
9. Recorded live
10. Pretty ugly
11. Original copy
12. Paid volunteer
13. Eloquent silence
14. Constant change
15. Criminal justice
16. Exact estimate
17. Same difference
18. Resident alien
19. Forgotten memories
20. Safety hazard
21. Tight slacks
22. Homeless shelter
23. Industrial park
24. Working vacation
25. Liquid gas

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Lotus Flower said...

Here are other examples from wikipedia:

with all deliberate speed
alone together
deafening silence
same difference
jumbo shrimp
after life
a little big
a new classic
abundant poverty
accidentally on purpose
accurate stereotype
advanced beginner
aging yuppie
almost always
almost perfect
appear invisible
arid ocean
authentic reproduction
big baby
bird dog
boneless ribs
constant variable
creation science
cruel kindness
current history
dangerously safe
decent rap
definite maybe
deliberate mistake
deliberately thoughtless
Digital Film
dry lake
elevated subway
found missing
forever's end
forward lateral
friendly fire
gail grey
genuine imitation
Green Consumption (when used to refer to green politics, rather than green vegetables)
guest host (and permanent guest host, a rare "triple" oxymoron)
genuine illusion
holy hell
half dead
hearing visions
Hot Ice®
ice-cold water
idiot savant
instant classic
jogging stroller
justifiable paranoia
kosher ham
limited omniscience
liquid gas[dubious – discuss]
living dead
local long distance
loud whisper
mandatory option
medicated sobriety
mindless thinking
modest magnificence
new tradition
Noise music
Non-penetrative sex
open secret
planned chaos
power nap
resident alien
rolling stop (driving)
solid gold plated
suicide victim
sweet sorrow
tight slacks
timeless moment
trained inept
true lies
true replica
virtual real estate
woke up dead


Jack Payne said...

Great site, Bubbles. Different. Refreshing. Most Blog creators nod their heads and walk in a straight line. Not you.