Tuesday, August 7, 2007

English Poem using Homonyms

The English Language
Some words have different meanings,and yet they're spelt the same,
A cricket is an insect, to play it is a game.
On every hand, in every land, its thoroughly agreed,
The English language to explain, is very hard indeed.
Some people say that you're a dear, yet a dear is far from cheap,
A jumper is a thing you wear, yet a jumper has to leap.
It's very dear, it's very queer, and pray who is to blame,
for different meanings to some words pronounced and spelt the same?
A little journey is a trip, a trip is when you fall;
doesn't mean you have to dance, whenever you hold a ball,
Now, here's a thing that puzzles me: musicians of good taste,
will very often form a band - I've one round my waist.
A door may often be ajar, but give the door a slam,
then your nerves receive a jar - and then there're jars of jam.
You've heard, of course of traffic jams, and jams you give your thumbs,
and adders, too, one is a snake and others add up sums.
You spin a top, go for a spin, or spin a yarn maybe -
Yet every spin's a different spin as you can plainly see.
On every hand, in every land, it's thoroughly agreed,
The English language to explain, is very hard indeed
Harry Hamsley

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harveyg said...

Brilliant word play! Loved this!

I'm going to add you to my blogroll at Versifications and Life.


Chava said...

People should read this.