Thursday, August 23, 2007


Daffynitions are playful ways to define words. For example, a daffynition for the word bulldozer would be a sleeping bull.

Can you guess the Daffynitions to the list of words given below?

1) Someone who is no longer a cop

2) The simplest way to cook eggs

3) Two loud scary noises

4) Ants that live in Italy

5) What you need to know to buy a hat

6) Two false statments

7) To take your time

8) Animal that knows how to tell time

9) What fish use to swim

10) A song you sing in the car

11) What's around an apple

12) A small amount of water that washes up on the beach

13) A book that tells a life story of a car

14) Two doctors

15) What the last runner in a race would like to do

Now for the answers to my earlier post. How many were you able to answer?

1) a - Bird
2) b - Antelope
3) a - Monkey
4) c - Rodent
5) a - Bird
6) b - Vegetable
7) a - Intangible
8) b - Gazelle
9) b - Wild dog
10)c - Monkey
11)c - valley
12)b - Vegetable
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