Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Punny Stores

Storeowners often use puns in their store windows. The puns make people laugh and want to come into their stores. That's good advertising cents (sense)!

Here are some examples seen on the storefronts of different shopowners. If you have come across any good puns by shopowners do jot me a note to be included in this list.

1) Blow your trumpets here - Musical Instruments shop

2) Clothed until noon - Clothing store

3) Why don't you go away! - Travel Agency

4) Birds going cheep - Pet store

5) If it doesn't tick, tock to us! - Clocks shop

6) Get short changed here - Money changer

7) Please mind the steps! - Dancing Studio

8) You can raise a racket here - Sporting Goods store

9) May we have the next dents - Car repair shop

10) We make mouse calls - Exterminator

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